With cremation, we offer a wide selection of commemorative choices. Most families find that some sort of memorial tribute helps to bring closure, and is an important first step in healing from a loss.

When you choose cremation, your loved one never leaves our care. We own and operate our own crematory in Indianapolis. If your family chooses to witness the initiation of the cremation, we offer a private viewing room for that purpose.

Call us. We can help you select the most appropriate services for you and your loved ones.

cremation arrangements Indianapolis

Cremation Arrangements

At Wilson St. Pierre, we are here for you. We listen to your needs and record your wishes, so when the time comes everything is in place.

Cremation Service Indianapolis

Cremation Services

Many people think choosing cremation limits their choices, but at Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service and Crematory that is not the case.

Final Resting Place Indianapolis

Final Resting Place

Wilson St. Pierre will assist you with all forms of final disposition including traditional burial, aboveground entombment, permanent possession and scattering.

Cremation Selections Indianapolis

Cremation Selections

At Wilson St. Pierre, we have options to meet every need and budget. Traditional burial requires the selection of a cremation casket and burial urn.